Wednesday, November 30, 2011

life a little sweeter

Have I ever told you about my brilliant friend Becca?  When discussing my Thanksgiving meal anxiety with her a few weeks ago, we came to the conclusion that the success of the meal arriving to the table on time{my biggest anxiety point} completely lies in the gravy.  I told her I was intent on buying it instead of slaving over it. She suggested the gravy base at Williams-Sonoma.  She saved me many tears and hours of regret. 

I was at Williams-Sonoma 3 minutes after hanging up with her.  I will forever{maybe not forever, but for the next several years} be at W-S picking up a trusty jar before I host Thanksgiving.  While I was there I was ohhhed and ahhwwed by a million different holiday products.  Have you ever gone in there between October and December? It's nearly impossible to leave without buying a treat, a gadget, a trinket.  

 I decided to treat my kitchen to a new little something something.  I mean, it is a well deserving kitchen after such a facelift.  This whip creamer is awesome!  Sugar, whipping cream, plunge and enjoy some decadence on your dessert.  It made me happy, like paper bag happy... but more fattening.

While I was there I was forced to pick up these

Somewhere along the way my children have been completely indulged{how did that happen}.  They don't drink hot chocolate over the holidays without one of these to stir their marshmallows.  Little spoiled funky chickens. Life is good.

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Becca said...

All I have to say is Yummy! {and I will be going to will-sonoma soon to purchase!}