Monday, November 21, 2011

the best laid plans

Do I ever wish that I could just organize my way through Thanksgiving.  I think I would be pretty successful, but no, you have to stop and cook.  That's where I think my best laid plans will go astray.  This is my first Thanksgiving dinner to make.  I have never cooked a turkey. ever.  I'm thinking this could be bad.  My people around me have been answering my calls, consulting their people, supporting me through my anxiety.  Yes, I'm having anxiety, but I want to do this.  It's about time I do this.  

I'm keeping it simple{I think, I pray}.  My friend Tisha asked me if I'm doing a traditional Thanksgiving.  Yes, I said, and then realized that maybe I wasn't.  I guess my lack of cooking Thanksgiving dinner has given me a lack of traditional dishes.  My kids don't know{yet} that many sides at Thanksgiving should have marshmallows on them{I'm regretting that I'm not making one but no chance I'm changing the menu now}.  Thanksgiving at our house growing up wasn't spent at a house at all, but was dinner at the Country Club my Dad managed.  It was the only way we would see him on holidays.  I'm thinking my mom was pretty lucky to forfeit to a restaurant.  I'm thinking I might be strange.  Here is my menu:

Mashed Potatoes{pioneer woman}
Cranberry sauce
Green Beans with Caramelized Shallots{sounthern living}
Fried Confetti Corn{sounthern living}
Apple Pear Salad with Maple-Pecan Bacon{southern living}
Pecan Pie{Pioneer Woman}
Pumpkin Pie
 Becca told me she was most concerned about the decorations, I'm with her on that one.
 All the "How To" time lines I consulted suggested putting out all your serving dishes several days before.  I blame my dad for the labels.   He ruined me{in a good way}.  You should see the man's linen closet.  Just saying Dad.  Did I really need to label the gravy dish!? Feel free to say a little prayer for me.  You know, something like..."Please Lord, don't let Sarah's head pop off before the turkey even makes it in the oven."  Thank you!


Jenny said...

I remember the first time I made a turkey, HOLY COW, the stress! I was sweating bullets. I wouldn't even eat any because I was petrified. You'll do great, it is a just a meal for goodness sake. Your menu sounds great. Happy Thanksgiving!

Becca said...

Oh, you're so organized! Not only am I having performance anxiety, now I'm also having performance envy! I'm not even smart enough to consult the Thanksgiving Dinner "how to" time lines...

Now I'm very worried....