Tuesday, November 29, 2011

found: joy in a paper bag

Praise God for joy found in the little things.  Don't get me wrong, I find joy in the big things too{a big diamond on my 11th wedding anniversary would give me a whole bunch of joy}, but sometimes nothing makes me happier than making exactly what I need with materials stuffed away in my craft closet.  Paper bags and pieces of left over ribbon are my favorites, along with the obvious cardboard{I get excited about the box and the thing inside of it when the UPS man arrives} and book pages, oh and twine{obsessed much}.  My advise to you is never throw away{recycle} a paper bag, always save your ribbon scraps{no matter how small} and buy something at Pottery Barn this Christmas season just for the paper shopping bag{the possibilities are endless}.

Birthday treat bags are  no big deal with paper bag tags and something else I always keep on hand-buy cellophane bags every chance you get.

A pie good enough to give as a gift{recipe here}, and a paper bag tag to wrap it up tight.  Now, who wouldn't love that!?

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