Monday, November 28, 2011

in the bag

I am happy to report that Thanksgiving dinner was a success!  In fact, dare I say, fun.  The company was of course the best part, as my sister Kit and her husband  were visiting.  Many parts of me would have preferred sitting on the couch and reading magazines all day, but I have clearly had years of that considering this is the first Thanksgiving dinner I've made.  Instead, I enjoyed the chaos in the kitchen.  My turkey turned out well, the sides were yummy{one hiccup with the potatoes-if you make PW's mashers make sure to stir them up before reheating}, the pies were perfect and my husband...surprised{apparently there are a few dry turkeys in his past}.  I'll be ready next year to perfect my menu even more unless that is, we get an invitation to someone else's house-I'm no dumby.

 Arranging the flowers was my favorite part.  I told you I was more into the decorations.

Boy,  I look tired in this picture. I think it had something to do with the early morning wake up to bake a breakfast ham, but the turkey looks fresh.  That's all that matters. Could someone pass me the lipstick!

Did I mention what a great time we had with Kit and Bob{love you guys!}.  An early Christmas present from them got us in the holiday spirit.  I'm off to deck the halls....

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Becca said...

And I thought my flowers looked good...oh well! Your first turkey looks beautiful...very nice! I'm glad you and Kit had the early christmas present...especially how Trucker is looking at it like he wants to jump right in there with Santa or chew the crap out of it, he's not really sure... Oh I miss your sloppy kisses! And the rest of you, of course!