Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm back! I really did not intend to take such a break.  But, guess what? I've been busy!  I know, the story of all our lives.  Between visitors{my mom, and then my dad and Ellen, next my sister and her husband} I've been able to do a little work on the kitchen.  My mother has requested updated pictures:

 Handyman Pat was back to trim the back splash.  It was looking all a wreck, but with lots of white paint{and a considerable amount of caulk} I do believe it has come together nicely. Is this picture blury?

Now some work on the problem areas.  I love having a lamp in here, but what to with the cord?? I really can't stand seeing cords

The bottom shelf is driving me crazy.  I'm struggling with how to make this space family friendly{ie:  school work, to do lists, misc garbage that should go directly into the recycling} without looking messy.  This is not my idea of working, so back to the drawing bored. Open shelves seemed like such a great idea, and I don't regret having them, but it is taking some major tweaking to make them look like anything.  Something to consider.

I WILL be back this week{I'm really trying to convince myself more than you}, so we'll chat then...


Becca said...

Sarah, it looks so good! I'm having the same problem with my shelf in the kitchen...it just looks like a mess all the time! Let's brainstorm about this shall we?

Not that I don't like leaving comments, or getting them on my blog {in fact, I L.O.V.E. it} I do NOT like only communicating with you like this...we need some phone time BFF!

Jenny said...

I lurve it!!!! SO pretty. If/when we ever move, I am flying you here to help me redo our teeny kitchen (I know it will be miniscule!). I wouldn't know what to do with that shelf either, hmm. I don't think it looks bad, just lived in. Glad you are back, missed you.

aunt meri said...

Looks good. Come do my house! Wish!