Thursday, March 22, 2012

how I spent my birthday money!

For a girl who hates her birthday, I sure don't have any problem spending my birthday money!  The money part definitely makes celebrating  worth it :)  EVEN if it means I am yet, another year older. I make sure to spend my money on just me, me, me and me! I love to get something I would never be spending my "regular" money on, like a dreaded blender or something{which I actually need}, although one year I did buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer with my bday cash, but that was a total splurge at the time and I didn't even have kids yet{I had no idea how practical it was}. 

This year I ordered a painting of the boys from a wonderful artist.  I saw her on a blog and fell in love with her whimsical watercolors and felt I just had to have one. There are several pictures of all three boys that I love, but the picture of them sitting together in their swim suits a few summers ago is one of my faves.  She doesn't paint faces, so I thought it was the perfect photo for her to work from ,as no one is looking straight at the camera.

When it arrived the other day, I thought it was perfection.  It brought a tear to my eye and it will be something I cherish for a very long time.  It is officially the second piece of original art work I own{make that third since I am now the proud recipient of my portrait}.  The other originals are my beloved barns.  I think I might be onto a new birthday tradition for myself.   

I wish I could show you the whole painting.  I don't know how much she would really appreciate me taking a picture of it, and since I don't have permission to do that, you get to see part{I think artists are sticklers like that...have you heard about the uproar over will make you think about pinning anything onto your board}.  Check out her website, she really is special and I think you might want to spend your hard earned birthday money on one too.

I should also add that with my left over birthday money I bought a pair of these jeans{on sale even}.  Yes, birthday money is a GOOD thing.

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Becca said...

Love the painting, or what I can see of it I should say! Jeez-o-pete girl, how much birthday moolah do you get? :) I'm glad you found some really great things to spend it on! xoxoxo