Wednesday, February 6, 2013

color cravings

I'm cold, I've been sick{strep throat!}, and the couch has arrived{along with a few other things}.  I am what you might call a hot mess on the inside and out{I did mention pink eye earlier this month didn't I?}.  And while the ups and downs of winter seem to have mostly had me down{and not craving color but actually anything with lots of sugar}, I've decided to celebrate spring before it arrives with some color and try to muster the energy for change. 

Paper Source wrapping paper makes me smile.  I've never even used it to wrap anything. This paper won't be wrapped around a box either-I have plans for it in my craft room...

Earlier this month Joanne's Fabrics had a rocking sale{60% off}on decorator fabric.  Although I didn't have our couch, I decided to take a chance on fabric I thought I would like for pillows.  It's different then what I would usually choose{a few options for sure}, but a dark brown couch is throwing me off a bit.  I'm scared...

We moved our sectional out.  Oh I hope it all comes magically and with no additional costs{as if}.  In the big box is our new fireplace doors-I'm thinking Todd is going to love installing them.  For the record-my kids have heard curse words before-haha.  The small table on casters is a purchase from World Market.  I bought two and I'm hoping they work as a side table.
It's really too bad we have to put the couch in front of the window-it really is a warm and cozy place.

There is no doubt I'll be painting the living room walls{again, but hopefully not again again}.  This is where I must take a deep breath and find the gusto inside to do it.  Who would have thought I would be dragging my feet to re-decorate.

Something I do have the energy I love the UPS man-tell me I'm not alone.  Not only did her deliver shoes while I was down and out but my new Kindle Fire as well.  Birthday money spent. 
I'll be back...sometime in the future...hopefully feeling way better...with pictures to share..


Sue said...

Hope you are feeling better Sarah. Strep throat can wipe you out for a few days! Can't wait to see your couch and finished living room!!

Tisha said...

Can't wait to see the new couch with your fun pillows! Hope you are feeling better. The sun is shinning here today which makes me happy. Hope there is some sunshine your way too. I've got you down on the calendar! Looking forward to taking all about crafting and decorating in person!

Becca said...

Ok, I'm finally on my home computer and can leave a comment! It was not working on my "smart" iPhone!!!

Love it all, but I'm really ready to see the new couch, the paint color you chose, a few pics of the new shoes, and the pillows!!! Let's get this updated, please! :)

I'm glad you're feeling better! Spring is just around the corner (I say this as we're currently under a winter storm warning where we're expected to get a foot of snow!)