Monday, June 9, 2008


We headed to Kansas City on Friday to visit Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Jody. I love to go down there. This trip was a great chance to get of the townhome, visit family and rest at the Berry B&B. They take great care and effort to pamper us with wonderful food, cozy beds, and great toys. Here area few highlights:

Grandpa fixed up the mini Hummer and the boys were seriously 4 wheeling in the backyard. Asher was reluctant in the beginning, but by Sunday he was a better driver than me behind the wheel of my mini(van).
Evening snuggles while we were all forced to watch a kiddie movie.
Greta is the most beautiful dog(still just a puppy) She makes me hungry every time I look at her. She reminds me of a peanut buster parfait at Dairy Queen-yum! She is just a silly little girl, and thinks she's just one of the kiddos.
We spent Saturday at the Deanna Rose Farm. It had everything from petting corrals, gardens, old farm equipment, a one room school house, tractor race track, fishing, pony rides-basically everything that Holden and Asher love.
The boys


Meri said...

Nice pictures!

Jenny said...

That sounds like so much fun! Your boys are so scrumptious!

tina said...

WOW! Have the boys gotten big! We still miss each of your smiling faces! Lots of love!
Tina & Madison
Praying that you are safe and away for the flooding.