Monday, June 2, 2008

This is what is happening right now

  • I can't stop thinking about sex! -"Sex and The City " that is. Go and see it.
  • the boys are in the bath tub because we went to McDonalds. Why does it have to be so gross there? The food is bad enough, but the playland is beyond disgusting. This is seriously the first time we have been there, and I drove away telling Holden we will never be coming back. They had strict instructions to strip down once they got home and go straight to the tub. I am not the germ phobic I used to be, but I couldn't look past the vileness today.
  • I am packing the playroom. I have packed 95% of the toys, and let the boys pick out a laundry basket full that they wanted to keep out. They have never played so well in their lives. I have vowed not to buy another toy until their birthdays and we will probably all be happier for it.


Murillo Family said...

Yes! McD's is gross. We went a couple of weeks ago and don't want to go back. Chick-Fil-A JUST opened by our house and we are SOOOO excited. And about the toys, amazing isn't it how well they play when they are not overwhelmed!

Jenny said...

I agree about the McDs, everytime I take my kids to an indoor play area, they get sick!