Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

My little nature boy has the stomach flu on what is one of his favorite holidays-Earth Day. He has become quite the environmentalist and I am extremely proud of him. He has always loved animals and the outdoors, and recently he has become much more aware of his earthly surroundings. He always grabs a bag to collect litter on our walks around the neighborhood, he encourages his little brother to turn out the lights, and he is really interested in what he can recycle. His preschool teacher is certainly doing a great job in encouraging all these interests. She has placed a compost bin of red worms in the classroom. These worms are garbage eating machines-anything from egg shells to denim.
We have been watching a mama Robin build her nest in the bottom of our grill. She worked hard for several days and this morning she left us a little Earth Day surprise. One perfect egg. Isn't that egg the most amazing blue. wow!


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Mother Nature certainly works miracles doesn't she?