Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend review

After a couple of days of not feeling very well, Holden was finally up to his usual shenanigans by Thursday. This is a mom confession that can just stay between you and me-sometimes it is a welcome break when my kids are sick(especially my 5 year old). He was feeling too awful to fight with his brother, he took a long nap, I didn't have to cook for him, we didn't argue over him having one more cookie, and the only activity I had to plan was movies. I felt pretty good myself by Thursday, not nearly as exhausted as usual :)

Friday was in the mid 80s if you can believe that. The boys spent the afternoon running through the sprinklers at Michael's house. I hope your not blinded by those white bodies! Michael is Asher's favorite friend. I feel so fortunate to have him right across the street. It gives Asher the freedom to be someone other than just a little brother.

On Saturday Todd literally pulled out the dead tree in our yard. He called it a white trash hit and run. Most adult homeowners hire someone to take out the stump. Not my husband-he brings a Mack truck, with a 53 foot flatbed trailer and a forklift into our small neighborhood, ties a chain around the stump and pulls it out. All the while blocking traffic with the truck, our dog is running around like a complete clown, the kids are standing out in the rain cheering, and all our neighbors are probably feeling pretty scared(if they weren't they should be). We grew up in perfectly nice homes, not the trailer park, but sometimes you may wonder by what is going on at our house. Todd loves any opportunity to bring trucks home. If he could he would probably park some rusty piece of @%*# in the driveway and admire it all the while. We will own a truck someday, it's inevitable, but I think we better own a house out in the country first.

The same husband who loves his trucks also has a soft spot for mama birds. It rained all weekend and Todd was adamant about protecting mama on her eggs(she laid a total of four perfect blue ones). First we had to block her nest with chairs so the dog wouldn't bother her, than the lid from the sandbox was wedged in to protect her from the wind, and the plastic table cloth positioned on top to keep her dry. Now, as a mother who is about to have a baby herself I should be more than sympathetic to this wonderful event in nature, but pretty soon I want my grill back!

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