Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just popping in to say hello!

Hi! Hope all is well in your world.  Just wanted to post some pictures from Grandma Jody and Grandpa Bruce's visit to Knoxville.  Things have been busy here, at least for me.  The best laid plans and lack of blogging have not made my schedule seem more simple.  Some things have been accomplished, some have been nixed, and some have been modified.  Gotta roll with the punches in this house, not an easy lesson for a certain soon to be seven year old.  Next week my mom and John come, Holden celebrates his birthday, and Halloween will be here.  I hope everyone is enjoying October like we are.

 Bruce and Jody drove down to K town(as we affectionately call it) in their new Ford Mustang just for Asher(the "Ford" guy).  The boys thought it was way cool.  See me back there behind my husbands big hair-hahahha.  He's going to love me for that :) Look at Sloan's face-I'm thinking he might be a Ford guy too!

 This is about as far as we made it into the pumpkin patch.  Note to self: do not go to the most advertised pumpkin patch.  There was an hour wait just to buy tickets to get in. We settled for a picture.  Do you see my soon to be seven year old being all kinds of flexible in this picture?  Like I said-
rolling with those punches.

 CHEERS! This baby loves to clink glasses.  When things start to get hairy at the dinner table, it's the best distraction. Onlookers must think we are a pretty happy bunch after watching us toast 10 times.

Thanks for visiting Grandma and Grandpa! We miss you.


Jenny said...

Love that face paint! So stinkin cute.Keep rollin mama, that's all you can do sometimes.

Mer said...