Monday, October 25, 2010

They Survived!

Todd and Holden went on their first adventure as Cub scouts in the Smokey Mountains and I am glad to say they came back in one piece.  Todd even said they had a good time!  I don't mean to sound like a such a skeptic, I used to love to camp, but I had some doubts about a cub scout experience.  Todd said the dads were pretty ok and all the boys had a ton of fun.  He said it was beautiful and he even seemed to survive the sleepless night on an air mattress that wouldn't stay inflated-we might make an outdoors man out of him yet :)
 Holden(red jacket) in his element

 Asher, Sloan and I hung out at home.  I painted the master bath and the boys wrestled.  Asher and I had a chance for some one on one time with his pumpkin and a carving knife.
(Holden and George Washington.I know... it's an amazing likeness)

There is nothing like a busy weekend with the additional Monday project due.  Is it just me or is Halloween out of control.  I remember the days when it was just an annoying holiday because of all the candy and hyper kids.  Now we have Fun Nights at school, pumpkin contest this and that, field trips, teacher appreciation, Fall break-I can't keep it all straight this month.  I am secretly looking forward to the calm of December.

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Jenny said...

OMG, you totally hit the nail on the head. It's like someone decided to cram everything into October so they can have even more craziness in December/holiday season. I am so over Halloween. I spent $75 at the Halloween store on costumes, one of which I hate, but Parker was set on getting it. I swear I am never buying costumes again, we are so making our own from now on. I am over Halloween and I am dreading all that candy being in my house. Grr. It's not even fun anymore. On the other hand, glad the boys had fun camping. Seems like it might have been cold? That would be enough right there for me to stay home.