Monday, October 4, 2010

a natural progression and possible new obsession

I have the tendency to really take some materials to an absurd level(hello cardboard).  It's what a bored SAHM does when she is trying to get through her day.  I get really tired of paying bills, fixing lunch and vacuuming. And I really get tired of running errands, especially ones just to be crafty or decorate a certain spot.  When I shop my house, it feels so good and creative and like I have a lot more money in the bank. 

This wreath I made last year cost all of 2 dollars and I am in love with it. Right now it is hanging on the back of our front door.   It makes me happy every time I walk by it. 
 I bought a canvas a while ago, I think it is about 11x14.  Over at Jones Design(she loves her book wreath too) she covered a canvas with book pages for some art work above her bed. I have a spot in the house that I want to cover up-more on that spot at a later date-and had been searching for a piece of art all summer but had come up empty handed(always happens when I am actually looking for something specific). Her design inspired me to tear up a beloved book and decoupage it onto the canvas.  I added some rub ons that I already had a beloved book turned art.

That project really got me going, I mean my sponge brush was already covered in decoupage glue-watch out! Several weeks ago I bought a couple plastic pumpkins at the Dollar Store, they happened to be sitting on my craft table.  They fell victim and now they are adorable page pumpkins.
I was feeling pretty satisfied.  I sat back to admire my work but felt the need to do just one more surface.  I had seen a picture in Pottery Barn of a Halloween candle covered in a book page.  I'm not certain when or really why I bought this battery operated candle, but I sure like it more now!  I think I'm done with book pages until Christmas.  I'm thinking old children's Christmas book pages covering votive candles.  I'll be shopping the used book store and picking up more sponge brushes.


Jenny said...

Hi Sarah, love the decoupage pumpkins, I just might make one, and a christmast ornament and valentine heart, oh the possibilities are endless! I love how the dresser and laundry room turned out, so adorable (but I like the green dresser too!). As for the rugs, I always pick more color, because we tend to have boring (neutral) paint and furniture, just thinkin'. So who do you like on Dancing? I am loving this season, so much fun.

LINDSAY said...

Sarah hi i also have the battery candels!!! i love them i got them as a gift and was like really?? but they are on a timer so once the sun goes down they come on and its soooooooooooo cozy!!! and SAFE for the kidos:) love you!!!! miss ya!!

lindsay said...

sorry spelled candle wrong hahah bu was not sure how to get back into the comment :) hehe sorry

LindsayP said...

I would love love love to make the wreath for a Christmas gift. Can you point me in the right direction for getting started??