Monday, December 5, 2011

gettin merry up in here

The tree is up, the garland is hung, it's beginning to feel a little like Christmas{it's 65 degrees today}.  I even finally got my act together and the Advent calender is out{3 days late but who's counting...Holden was}.  I know I've gone on and on before about the Advent calender, but I love it.  I virtually do the same things every year{that's what a tradition is right?} and the morning I give the yearly ornament is one of my favorites. 

Is it just me, or are cute ornaments hard to find?  I mean, this is important stuff people.  My children compare and take inventory against each other while they trim the tree.  My ornament hunt is not something I take lightly.  This year  I found three cute little puppies and the boys thought it was pretty funny that I thought these little stuffed dogs were a representation of their personalities.  The one with curly matted hair is certainly Holden, preppy puppy is without a doubt Asher and the floppy eared goofy pup is Sloan.  See what I mean, no need to mark them with initials, I'll never have a problem remembering who these belong to ;)


Becca said... can feel good about weren't the last person to pull out the advent calendar...that would be me! And, I'm not even doing that one this year...they're getting a lift-the-flap version because I just didn't get it together. BAD Mom!

I LOVE the doggie ornaments! You're right, finding cute ornaments is a toughy...but you always pull through! Love you!

Jenny said...

Way cute ornaments and I adore that advent. I think of it each year I pull my boring one out.