Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas cards are the "s" word

Back in this post I did a little venting about Christmas card pictures.  I'm still a bit bitter.  I vow next year to have them professionally done. I know my mom will be all broken hearted over it, as she was probably really looking forward to watching me have another melt down :) 

Getting these people to do anything these days is tough, and sometimes my wonderful husband can be the biggest bump in the road{hello fake smile and wandering eyes!}.  After looking a this picture a million times and thinking how we all looked cute except...Todd...I was going to use it anyways.  That was our only chance to get a picture and I thought up a way to get around "the bump".

 Ok, it was a desperate act, but these are desperate times for a desperate me.  I talked my self into it, I was three seconds from placing the order, but something told me to ask Todd for his opinion. He came over to the computer and was nearly  speechless.  He accused me of not liking him very much if I was going to actually use this picture.  I accused him of being "the bump".  I decided in order to save my marriage I should move on to plan B. 
This does not happen to be plan B, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was. 

note: I don't think Christmas cards are the "s" word{stupid for those of you who don't have an 8 year old}. I love them, really I do.


meri said...

Use picture #2!!!!!!!! :) PLEASE!!!!!

meri said...

I meant #3!

Becca said...

Um...I'm speechless...{because I'm laughing so hard!}

Now I need to know, what's plan B? No card? That's where I'm headed I think... :)

Jenny said...

That was exactly what I needed today Sarah. You crack me up. I hope Todd has learned his lesson! Punk. That will teach him to mess with your card making sessions.

Jenny said...

Your original post about this picture made me laugh..but this one was great!! The last picture is pretty cute!