Wednesday, December 7, 2011

making that again: the holiday entertaining edition

Well, I guess the holidays are in full swing, even if I'm not quite there yet.  I did however find myself humming Christmas carols while I was shopping this morning, so I think I will get in the spirit eventually.  I wanted to share a couple recipes with you that may be helpful with your entertaining this year, or if you need to take something to a breakfast, a cocktail party, a potluck...
I only have a picture of the coffee cake{what kind of cooking post is this?}but trust me when I tell you I will be making  them again.

{note: I made the filling a day ahead.  It comes back to life after it is heated in the oven}

{note: it calls for half the bag of hash browns, but I would add nearly the whole bag}
{If you are making this for more than a couple adults, I would double recipe}

{I left out the bourbon in the icing...I was taking it to was still yummy}


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Becca said...

What? You can't take bourbon to church? Soup looks good {it all does} I'll have to try...