Monday, May 5, 2008

Ahh, My Beloved

Todd came home the other night giggling about the email he received after their big auction in Newton. I saw it and was rolling on the floor. What a great GOTCHA from his coworkers. He passed it along to his friends in Cincinnati, and the Crusty the Clown picture came back from his old boss at Worldwide. He said he found more pictures of Todd on the internet. My husband gets a little hurt that I never mention him on my blog. Ok honey-I vow to write about you more often. Especially if pictures like this keep rolling in ;)


going places mommy said...

Gotta love it! I am laughing my socks off:)

Meri said...

Is Todd in an add for Great Clips?

Satunas4 said...

Love it!! That's was a good one. :)