Saturday, May 3, 2008

super cool

I'm pretty sure Holden knows he's not two. I think he is working on his movie star image and flashing the peace sign. You know my four year old, always globally conscious and current on events. We finally got him a new bike. He had grown out of his "Gravel Blaster" at the end of last year. He got on it earlier this spring and looked like he was part of a circus act. Like a big bear on a tricycle. So we made a trek to Walmart(the satan of all retail stores) and purchased one that he is crazy about-yellow of coarse. We argue about him wearing a helmet. He is certain that he doesn't need it, I am certain he does. The kids next door to us don't wear them. Have I mentioned these neighbors before? Well, in a nut shell, these two kids suck. Not very nice to say, but I can't help it. They are driving me insane, and Holden is completely taken with them. He told us in the car this morning that his "best friends" birthday's(they are twins) are around Christmas time. To which Todd replied. "Good, that gives us plenty of time to miss it." Moving into our house next month will be that much sweeter after never having to see those two again. Anyways, Holden is excited that his new bike has a hand break-cool! And pegs for tricks-super cool! We'll see what kinda of tricks he comes up with. I can't imagine anything too death defying with training wheels on :)

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Meri said...

Hey I wrote before your mother today!!!! :)

The bike is cool!!!!! Purple would be better tho!!!!!! :)