Sunday, May 18, 2008

saturday morning traditions

Des Moines comes alive in the spring. Like all Midwest cities that endure such horrible winters, spring is when we come back to life, and for that matter- get a life. One of DM's greatest events is the Saturday morning farmers market down town. It is jam packed with people, food, entertainment, dogs, crafts-everything. It is like the social event of the weekend, and a great place to hang out with the kids. We have a couple stands that we have to hit every time we go. Our first stop is always the Farm Boys for breakfast burritos(this stop makes Todd very happy, and it is how we motivate him out the door so early on a Saturday) Then Holden has to have a balloon animal, I want a strawberry smoothie, and Asher hunts for something sweet. We groove to a little music, shop for some must have lawn ornaments, grab a big watermelon and we are done. When the good veggies are in, our basket will be a little more full. This week they had all sorts of emergency/police vehicles there for the kids to tour. Holden checked out the helicopter, Asher didn't seem interested. I guess he was too busy people watching.


Meri said...

Call me this Friday, or some Friday I'll go with you guys to farmers market! Just me & staff!!! OK?

Jenny said...

I am so jealous! I want to go too! That looks like so much fun and much safer than the one we have here. Enjoy!

Murillo Family said...

How fun! I finally updated my blog. I miss you guys!