Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what's in a name

It is no secret that my husband is not a fan of pregnancy. He is crazy about the baby that appears but the nine months prior he worries, he stresses and ....well bellies that thump and bump just don't turn him on. He squirmed when asked to feel a kick, nearly passed out at the ultrasound, and the "name game" made him want to find the nearest bridge(I don't want to tell you what he was like in the delivery room).

As all you mommies know, the name game is a long and tedious process. There are lists to make and books to browse, TVshows(for mine even soap operas) and previous class lists to study and consider. Write it down on paper, say it out loud in the shower, emotionally sit with it.
When our third nugget was cookin Todd announced he was in charge of the name game. Ok sassy, I thought, you see how easy it is to do this.

After some frustrating tries he cheated and wrangled two of his favorite customers, Jacky and Gina, into the name game. They discussed and rated top choices. There were even late night emails traded back and forth(leave it to my husband to take it to a new level). By the time we reached the hospital he had it all figured out. I saw the baby-definitely Harrison. Nope-Todd had emotionally "sat with it" and it was certainly Sloan.

Sloan: little warrior;fighter
Christian: after Todd's closest friend Lance Kristian
Reed: my Grandmother Gregorich's maiden name, part of my middle name as well

p.s. I am happy to be playing the game for a name with Becca. she is pregnant with a little girl :)

p.s.s Thank you Jacky and Gina for holding Toddy's hand!!

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