Tuesday, September 29, 2009

never ending possibilities

I am so pleased with how my frame project turned out! What do you think? I bought these frames several years ago from my beloved Pottery Barn, but had not really ever used them. They were originally black and just too "heavy" on the walls. So they sat in my little "possibility pile" in the basement. I try not to let anything sit in that pile too long. If I can't find a way to re purpose something it moves on the Goodwill. I had spent way to much money on these to not find a new way to love them. I sprayed them, sanded and antiqued them the same way I did my side table a few months ago. Soon I may need a Antiquers Anonymous 12 step program-there could be worst addictions but my house may start to look strange with everything sanded and glazed. Although it would cover up chunks missing out of the base boards quite nicely(I love boys).

click on picture to get a better look :)


Kristin said...

It looks perfect, Sarah. Any chance you could make a road trip to Cinci and help with my house :)

Jenny said...

awesome, as usual, quit makin' the rest of us look bad! Just kidding.