Saturday, September 26, 2009

oh happy moment...maybe's still early

I wasn't to sure I was going to be able to get super happy this weekend. Toddy is in Las Vegas and well...a weekend alone is never a good thing. We just have more fun when Todd is here, but I am giddy at the moment. The mail man finally delivered the prints I have been so patiently waiting for. Can anyone say adorable? These are watercolors I spied on The Nester's blog and just had to have for myself. Seriously cute, simple and affordable-the only original art I can have. Check out L.Herbert Designs (finally figured out how to link!)and get yourself something special.(I'll post more this week on the frames I created for my little treasures)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

You are just so crafty and talented!
The finished product looks like something you would get from Pottery Barn for $160.