Thursday, October 15, 2009

7 things

  1. Have you used Picasa? I am pretty far behind the times. This free program has probably been around forever but I finally found it. It is a great program for editing your pictures. You can add text to them and make all sorts collages and such. I made my blog header using Picasa. I have not even begun to use all that it has to offer, but I am looking forward to learning more. Over at Clover Lane she gives instructions on making THE cutest header/banner-make sure to check it out. She is also an entertaining blogger-mother of 5 and not crazy-I like her.
  2. While on the blogging subject. The Nester used a program to make a little video on Tuesday about tablescaping. She used this little nugget of a website to make it. I'll be creating something soon!
  3. One last blogging thing I promise. Did you know for a small fee(something like 35$) someone will customize your blog for you? Buzzings of a Queen Bee just had hers done and it's adorable. You can have the whole thing done, or a la cart things like just your signature. Fun!
  4. For dinner one night this past week I made this quiche from the Smitten Kitchen(boy do I read a lot of blogs or what-I really don't spend all day in front of the computer). I love making breakfast for dinner-always a big hit with the Van Ahn boys. Thought I had a pretty good recipe going until I had her version. Yummy!
  5. I can't stand having my feet covered while I sleep. For this reason I cringe every time I put footie pjs on my babies. I almost have like a claustrophobic episode when I zip them up for bed. But, I have found some fleece footies I can get behind. Children's Place has the best. Light weight and cozy. Sloan loves them.
  6. Speaking of Sloan. He can sit up! He has a very strong back and head. He's all proud of his new trick. He is the most marvelous baby.
  7. I just watched a commercial for diapers and the baby on it was so darling my silly brain just thought about having another babe. Todd is sitting next to me on the couch with frozen blueberries down his pants. Yep-he had the "procedure" done earlier today. You know the "procedure" that starts with a V and ends with no more babies. He just explained that was why he had it done-I can't be trusted-he's right. He called me Sarah Dugger.

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