Monday, October 12, 2009

down on the farm with grandpa

We headed to the pumpkin patch in Winterset with Grandpa Frank this weekend. I totally do not take enough pictures of the kids with their grandparents. I have to start doing that more! It was down right COLD but we hung tough and played and then played some more.

Who can resist sticking their heads in these. Too cute!

My Ford guy spent a long time on the tractors.

Here is what love about this picture. The obvious-me with my boys, but I love the corn field in back of us. I used to be a mountains girl. If there was water as well I considered it the ultimate spot, but I have to say my Iowaness has been coming on strong for the past several years. There is no where I'd rather be than enjoying the scenery of rolling corn fields, decrepit red barns and lots and lots of cows.

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Becca said...

we're glad you're loving iowa...we're loving you here! although we don't see you enough...