Friday, October 23, 2009

A week in review (when you only post once a week it's gonna be a big one-promise not to add too much text)

We stood in line for 3.5 hours to get H1N1 vaccinations. CRAZY...nuts...insane...protected(?)Sobe's new hat I ordered on Etsy arrived in the mail

Finished up some Fall decorating.

Had lunch with Holden at school as a special birthday treat(with the added intention of helping him learn how to have hot lunch-long story) I left his class room busting at the seams. I believe my heart actually grew. I am one seriously proud mama.
I painted my boring old console table. Click here for a before. See...really boring wasn't it. Blue has breathed new life into the family room.


Lisa said...

Blue IS better! And your talent and skill continues to amaze me, will you give me pointers on craftiness over Thanksgiving? Also,I love your heart, I love your boys, and because of all you are and teach they will be men of compassion and greatness. Thank you for enriching the world with your teaching!

Jenny said...

I love the blue! Holden is so cute, look out the girls are going to be calling him in a couple years. And Sloan is the juiciest, cutest thing, EVER! Where is my buddy Asher? OOOOOO- big hugs from me to him.

Becca said...

The blue is even better in person! Love you, love the boys...and I ditto Lisa'a comment!