Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why would a I subscribe to a magazine that is trying to drive me crazy?! They have to know there are people out there unable to sleep after seeing this photo. Had zero intention of cleaning my freezer this week, but BH&G and Target(totally in cahoots to drive me insane) have a different plan.
While I'm overhauling everything in my kitchen, thought I might spend some time here(this is a kiddie crap cabinet....I mean craft cabinet).


Becca said...

laughing and laughing! I thought..."OMG...I need to clean my freezer!" as soon as I saw that picture! I dream of organized freezers like that! Wouldn't it be great if only? And the Crap cabinet?...let me know what you come up with cuz right now I've confiscated all the art stuff until I can figure something out! Jenny's cabinet is lovely...have you seen it?

Jenny said...

I just cut out that exact same article!!! Oh is it abnormal to have freezer envy? Good luck!

Murillo Family said...

WOW! I thought the same thing about BH&G, and since I have 3, yes 3 freezers, they are going to stay the way they are for now-which sometimes means things jump out-but that's OK. And the kiddie crap cabinet, I had a little fit myself last week and pulled everything out onto the kitchen floor, threw half of it away and then stuffed what was left into cute little bins and put it all back in. The kids have been actually crafting, instead of making crap-oh wait sometimes that's the same.