Sunday, November 15, 2009

who knew and DIY day

I have actually started my Christmas crafts and I hope your sitting down because I actually purchased a few gifts this weekend as well. I have previously been someone who shops better and creates better under pressure and certainly would not even consider Christmas stuff until December. BUT with three kids I realized I am always under pressure, so I better use it to my benefit and get some things done. This might be my wreath year, I seem to be running into quite a few that I want to try. This wreath from Pottery Barn came at a hefty price and IS beautiful. The Queen Bee recreated one for her kitchen a while back and I made a much smaller version for Christmas. ( photo from Pottery Barn)

Have you ever been to the Dollar Store-just kidding, of course you have. It's me that is just realizing what a wonderful place it is. The wreath form cost one dollar! It's small, but I'm thrifty so who cares. The moss is Reindeer moss(?). This project only took one bag. I picked it up at Michaels with my coupon for 2.50. The picture is not doing this moss justice. It is a very pretty green. They have several shades at Michaels so beware. Stay away from the brown and blue-so look for the one labeled light green.

I tied the ribbon and then glued a push pin onto it. The form is foam so I can just stick it in and change ribbon color easily for the season. I love the original brown from Pottery Barn. I bet that would look good in the spring.

I'm not sure where I will end up hanging it, but I love the finished product. All said it cost 4.50. Not to shabby for a new thrifty thrifter like me. If I get a chance I may make a bigger version for the front door-it is just that cute! The next wreath I am going to try is this one from Living with Lindsay. It looks a little more complicated so wish me luck.


Jenny said...

Love it, I have never made a wreath. I find them frightening. I have watched my beloved Martha make them with ease and grace but I have never been able to get up enough nerve to try one on my own. She would be proud of you. Way to go, thrifty is so nifty!

pk said...

This turned out great! Pottery Barn look out... :-)

pk @ Room Remix

REbekah said...

seriously..I like yours better!!! Great job!!

thegatheringplacedesign said...

I think I like yours better! Great job :)

Jennifer Juniper said...

So cute! I think I'm going to save this idea for spring when I never know what sort of wreath to hang :)

Shelly K said...

I love it! I made one of LWL's paper wreaths and finished it up tonight. I'll for surely throw some pics up tomorrow or the next day on my blog.
It wasn't hard at all!! Just took time and lots of hot glue :) But it was a super fun project. I did most of it while watching it's a one nighter. I'm going to follow your blog, you're a sweetie.