Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas card fiasco

I love Christmas cards. I love getting Christmas cards in the mail, love sending Christmas cards to friends and family and I love making them on years that I decide to be so adventurous. I do not like taking the photo for the Christmas card. It's a bad bad bad bad bad bad time had by all. This past weekend was going to be beautiful so I stepped into high gear and planned an outing for this beloved documentation of family. I asked my dad to follow us out to Jester Park to be the photographer, I found(literally) something for all of us to wear(ok-don't usually do the matchy thing with clothes, but Sloan had a cute sweater and I didn't want to clash-forgive me), brushed hair, cleaned faces, put on jeans that don't have holes etc, etc...

So we all drove out to our favorite spot in the park. It was windy, and the sun was intense from all angles-obstacles that we over came. Go team Van Ahn! Snip, snap we took several pictures. We were done, on to playing.

Came home to download pictures from camera. Moment ruined. We had used Todd's camera from work because to use my camera I have to use a ball point pen to zoom(don't ask) and wanted things to be simpler than bringing camera tools. Todd forgot that his camera is set at higher pixels(?) so everything is small. UNUSABLE! Good gravy it is always something. Do you remember that year Kristen P. (06 maybe)that your wonderful husband superimposed new eyes on Asher for me so I could use a picture that the majority of us looked ok. It really is always something.

My usual philosophy to photo selection is if I look great in it and everyone else looks at least better than a cyclopes-I'm using it. In these pictures I can't even tell if I look good :) uggg!

Alright-Todd does not look like a cyclopes, but next time we are taking the picture inside-why can't he open his eyeballs when the sun is out? Boys look cute. My version of matchy looks pathetic(I am really lucky not to be the mother of three girls-they would never forgive me).

Afternoon not a total loss. The boys did enjoy the park and I have some picture of Sloan in his sweater. He is sure to grow out of it by Christmas.

love them

nature boy in his element.


Kristin said...

Sarah, the picture looks great. You should send it out!

Becca said...

My vote is USE IT! It's adorable! Who cares if its not a close up this year! We all know how goergeous you all are anyway :)! Life is too short for another grueling round of Christmas picture chaos!

mer said...

Looks good!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Close ups are overrated, plus they show our flaws, not that you have any of course! I love it your photos, all of them. Your family is beautiful. I share the same philosophy, if I look good, everyone else does too. Usually, Paul is squinting, Zoe is Diva-ing, Parker has his mouth wide open yelling, Tanner, well he's too little to do anything goofy. We've tried to include our dog too, which usually ends up with Pug butt instead of his cute face. Someday when you are an old lady, you'll say, "look how young and beautiful I was." I do feel your picture pain, on all accounts.