Friday, November 6, 2009

giving thanks part 1: pillow talk

I got off the phone the other day with Becca and had to laugh. How do you know when someone is your best friend? When you talk for 60 minutes straight about pillows. Yes-just pillows. Becca and I have known each other for nearly 15 years and I am so thankful to have a friend who gets me. As I get older and I find it hard at times to connect with people(just cancelled my MOMS Club membership because it had about 45 moms I just couldn't pretend to like any more), I always come back to being thankful that I have one who understands the things I am passionate about, who likes the same restaurant, and who needs me as much as I need her.

So you might wonder why/how we talked about pillows for so long. I am afraid to tell you this was about our billionth conversation about them. We covered why they are important, what we dream they would accomplish for our rooms, where to purchase and not to bother. The bottom line is pillows are harder than you might think and we agree(because we are best friends) that the matter cannot be taken lightly. It is especially agonizing(I hope it's ok to to say this) for my lovely Becca. That is why I am giving all of you a Tour de Pillows. Here they are Bec-some of the new pillows I bought when my mom was here.

Here are two things I know about decorating with pillows. I think I know a few more things but I can't think of them.

  • Don't bother buying them from Pottery Barn. You won't be happy because they cost too much money and your kids are just going to booger them up. Even if they aren't boogered up you still won't be happy spending that kind of dough on something you want to be able to change your mind about in a year or two to give your couch a new look.
  • It IS worth buying the Pottery Barn inserts and having covers made. But only if you find fabric on sale. I suggest Hobby Lobby because everything is always on sale there and they have a surprisingly good fabric department. The inserts are nice and full and perfect for fluffing. When your kids throw them around, stand and jump on them, they will bounce right back into shape and you don't have to kill your kids. A win win I would say. Also when your four year old uses one as a kleenex the cover can go right into the washer.

said four year old demonstrating how to use a pillow(the correct way-with his head not nose)

(Funny side note: Today Asher told me that the truck he was playing with on the kitchen floor "was sooo hip hop dancing". I guess that means it was spinning?? Who is this little urbanite I gave birth to?)


Becca said...

Looking good!(even with misty eyes- I love you too)...and now my plain old brown couch has pillow envy! All I can say is thank GOD for BFF'S- can I get an amen? I keep thinking bout those pillows at know what that means :)

Jenny said...

I agree with your pillow-philosophy 100%. And the part about best friends, what would we do without them? You are blessed to have one.