Sunday, December 27, 2009

arrivederci(in my best Italian accent)

Christmas was lovely. Really, really lovely. I enjoyed every last moment and on Saturday morning at 7am I tore the tree down, packed the red and green totes and vacuumed up the last(well...surely not the last) pine needle. Until next year my beloved Christmas. For now this chick is moving on.
One reason it is time to get my act together. I can only take one area in my house looking like this. This mess was starting to creep out the door so I had to tame it before it took over the whole upper floor.

The second reason to end the party while every one was still alive. Big brothers are great at keep away. I'll give you a few clues as to why our tree is in the kitchen. 1. red tree skirt 2. water 3. carpet. Live and learn.

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Jenny said...

Please come clean up my house too. I am about ready to lay on the floor and have convulsions, I am so over the mess(es)!!!!! Good for you for gettin it done.