Monday, December 7, 2009

decorate for Christmas-check

I spent this last week crafting and decorating and am happy to say I am done. I gave myself a week to get what ever I could done and now my creative energies must move on to baking, wrapping and enjoying the season.

Todd was gone ALL(including Saturday) last week so I put on my big girl pants and went to get our tree(thanks Shelly for helping me carry it in). I finished my wreaths and did a few little things here and there. The boys helped(?) me decorate the tree(and fought over all good ornaments-even though they are clearly marked as to who's is who-bottom line...poor little Ash needs some more ornaments), I gave up on the perfect family Christmas card and placed my card order with pictures that ARE perfect because it is my boy's smiling faces, we started our Advent calendar and I am sorry to say that this year Holden and Asher are only interested in the candy(last year they liked the activities I planned-oh well easier for me I guess), I finished a large part of my gift shopping, scoured the mall for the perfect holiday outfit-totally sucked because it always totally sucks, I think that was it.....oh....and I hugged and kissed my little Soby So like a trillion times. This wreath was super easy, although I will admit that I was frustrated with the bottom layer. I didn't paint the edges of my book, I just inked them with a sepia color chalk pad. It seriously cost 2$-I heart the dollar store! I don't know where I will hang it after Christmas as I will eventually want to look into the mirror. It has a very romantic feel. I suggest you try it. Visit here for a full tutorial from the brilliant woman who shared it with the world. Sometimes I get stuck. I have been accused of being a creature of habit. Cardboard is a recent obsession of mine. So is twine. I call it my trade mark...others probably call it weird.

If Halloween was on a budget you can only imagine Christmas. I would love a little lighted village some day(I had no idea I was one of those people), but this will have to do for now.

Another bigger Reindeer Moss wreath. I love the green against my black door.

see previous comments about twine and cardboard.
I think I am going to join the Nester on the 14th for her Christmas tour of homes. Consider doing the same :)


Jenny said...

Everything looks great!

Lisa said...

So amazing! I might join you as well now that I have been navigated to yet another of these brilliant blogs you find and spent and hour there. :) I finished my window boxes today and am just gleeful about them. Your house is so beautiful Sarah, you are such a gem!

Erin M said...

The decorations are perfect. I need to email you my decorations from my cookie party..not as nice as yours, but hey, I'm only now beginning my life of crafting. I was just procrastinating this paper I am writing and I showed my roommates all the pictures of Sloan on your blog. Needless to say, they are madly in love with him and his chubby little face. They totally support my plan to steal him! Haha, just kidding...but you at least have to share :) Hope you come visit again sooner than later--it's always so fun!


P.S. Tell Todd that I am indeed getting my fair share of S.T.'s..wouldn't want him to worry!

Meri said...

Come do my house next year PLEASE!!

Becca said...

Nothin' wwrong with cardboard and twine! Not a thing :)

love you,