Tuesday, December 8, 2009

trying to keep focused

I am a born again Christian(cringe at that term-don't know why-it only means that at 26 years old I found God). Not something I talk about on a regular basis, my blog is not the forum I choose and this may be the only time I ever even mention it. Ask me about my relationship with God and I am more than happy to share my story, never discuss it with me and our friendship will probably not be better or worse for it.
Jesus is the focus of our Christmas, but Santa gets lots of glory. Holden and Asher are starting to ask questions about both. Their minds are busy trying to put it all together. I know they wonder, but can't form the question-How in the world are they related? The only similarity I see is in the giving.

God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son. -John 3:16

A magnetic baby Jesus? I don't know-the kids like it.

Holden's first nativity scene made a couple of years ago, and still my favorite. I especially love Joseph's mouth.

A child is born

Last year Becca recommended I get this book for the kids. It has become a favorite of ours. I recommend it for your family too.


Lisa said...

Cringe? Me too! Maybe because there is such a stigma attached to the many stories of "born-agains" that abuse the unconditional LOVE that God gifted us with Jesus, and claim that something must actually be given monetarily or otherwise to receive grace and forgiveness. I will do my best to not use your blog for a platform to preach either, and suffice to say, LOVE is all around, and LOVE IS GOD, so it doesn't matter who you are, what you give, or what you've done, it is available to you, you only need to be willing to receive it.

Becca said...

I'm so glad that everyone seems to be in the same boat with how to incorporate both...Christams has gotten so commercialized it's hard to see the real "reason for the season". We started doing advent candles this year...hopefully that will help the kids get it...