Monday, January 18, 2010

balancing act

The testosterone in my house runneth over. The estrogen in my house is unappreciated by all. I feel like I am on the endangered species list most days. One more environmental mishap and all femininity may be lost in this little corner of the world. I cling to what makes me different than"them". One way I balance the hormones in the house is with my preciously pink, wonderfully me craft room. They won't admit it, but they secretly love to be in there, probably because it is warm and cozy just like the mom they love and the women they one day will. Or maybe it's just that they think it holds some sort of secrets because it is deemed OFF LIMIT to all things male.

When my mom was here last we scoured Joann's fabric for material to make Becca a baby blanket for the little girl she is expecting soon. My mother made a beautiful blanket for her and was thoughtful enough to make me a pillow cover for my room. How adorable is this?! I'm headed up to MY room right now to flutter around in all it's girlishness, sing " A Few of My Favorite Things " and I don't know...curl my hair or something :)