Monday, January 25, 2010

channeling my inner little critter

As a child one of my favorite collection of stories was Little Critter written by Mercer Mayer. It has become a favorite with the boys as well and we always have a lot of fun reading them together. If your not familiar with Little Critter he is a little six(or so)year old critter boy who is as independent as he is mischievous and well....not quite as big of a boy as he would like to be. Some titles of his stories include "Just A Mess", "Just Go To Bed", and I Just Forgot". It's a running joke between Todd and I that not only do the boys have lots of little critterisms but sometimes I do too. A comparison I never found as funny as he did, that is, until today.

Here is an example of Little Critter from the story "I Was So Mad"

I wanted to keep some frogs in the bathtub but Mom wouldn't let me. I was so mad.
I wanted to play with my sister's dollhouse but Dad wouldn't let me. I was so mad.
I wanted to play hide and seek in the clean sheets but Grandma said "No you can't". I was just so mad.

Here is an example of Sarah Critter starting her Monday

I wanted to feel the sun on my face, but I woke up to four new inches of blowing snow. I was so mad.

I wanted to go to the gym so I could maybe wear a swim suit in the next five years, but the baby was up at 6am and back down to nap at 8:30. I was so mad.

I wanted to enjoy my birthday despite how I usually feel about it, but I looked in the mirror and noticed two new wrinkles and a whisker. I was just so mad.

I wanted to indulge in watching a movie while the kids were at school and the baby took a nap, but they called an early dismissal due to those four freaking inches. Boy was I mad.


Jenny said...

I have days like that too! I am still struggling with finding a good time to work out around the kids' schedule. Is your birthday today?! If so, happy birthday! Enjoy!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope it gets better :)

Becca said...

I feel you sister! When school was cancelled today I was so mad! I'm sick of this arctic place...I need some sun! I'm sorry that you found two new wrinkles and a wisker...36 ain't so bad! Let's schedule your birthday pedicure and that will make you feel better! Sometime next week? I'm sending you love...

Corie said...

Don't be so mad!
Happy Birthday! We are wishing you many, many happy years and lots of sunny days to come:) Remember you are only one day older then yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I use to read the same books to Madison when she was little! Happy Birthday girl hope you find a way to make it a good one. warm wishes from you Cincy friends.

Murillo Family said...

Ooooo. I think you get a do-over! I hope you found a way to enjoy yourself anyway (I know you did). Happy Birthday!!

Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday, I am just so mad I missed it! Love you anyway and all your beautiful blogging. Wishing you some sun even if it is cold, a reminder that it will come around again and sooner than you know it!