Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Geez! Turn the light out already"

Going against what I thought was my better judgement I started reading the Twilight Saga. Becca had read all four books in a week and that peeked my interest. Bec isn't a literary snob or anything, but when a woman who is 8 months pregnant(and has two active boys) can stay awake until 2:30 am reading, it makes me wonder if I am missing something.

I'm hooked. Hooked in a major way and savoring every page. I am 2/3 into the third book and already thinking about how I am going to miss Edward and Bella. I can't believe I just said that. For crying out loud it's a book about vampires and werewolves-silly...but oh so good.

Todd complains about me reading in bed. I have accused Todd of being jealous of my new found loves. He has accused me of acting like a teenager. Umph! I am enjoying my obsession and yes, it does make me feel just a smidgen younger. Just like Facebook does, listening to Pearl Jam and watching Sixteen Candles. Today am 35 years and 352 days old going on 16. And most days I almost believe it until I look in the mirror-gasp, when the heck did that happen.


Tina Egbert said...

Sarah you are not alone I have read all the Twilight books as well & wonder to myself what am I doing but the books just pull you in...your not alone my friend!

As for our age I am going with I am only as old as I feel but I think I am more like 18 watching the teen years thru Madison I can say I am not going back there any time soon :) Love your blog.

Becca said...

And you thought I was nuts...admit it! Just wait till you're finished eith that last book...you will miss Edward and Bella and find yourself wistfully wondering how they're doing! It's sick! :)

Jenny said...

OK Sarah, welcome to the club. I resisted these books too for so long, I was a huge Anne Rice fan and thought no one could do vampires justice. When I was about 3 weeks from having Tanner, I was at Walmart and I picked up a paperback copy and thought, what the heck? Well, I read Twilight in a day! Seriously. My mom got me the whole rest of the series (must have felt sorry for my tired pregnant self!) and I read them or should I say, devoured them in about ten days. I am still wishing I could find out what E and B are doing. I haven't gone to see "New Moon" yet but I am dying to go. I am considering reading them again, just because!

Oh, love the pillow cover. Your mom rocks!