Wednesday, January 6, 2010

in need of just a little tweak

I never make New Years resolutions and I am never going to, but I am in need of just a little change. It just so happens that it is time to do it and it just so happens it has to do with fitness and weight loss and being healthier and all that stuff which coincides with what the rest of the world is resolving about.

So.....I have 2 pounds(although 5 wouldn't be so bad) to lose to get back to my happy weight. I know how stupid that sounds. Two pounds is not a lot to complain about, but hey-they count and the previous 10 I had to lose after baby didn't come off as easily as I would have liked. So two pounds is work, and this month I turn 36 so they aren't going to get lost any easier soon- they are just going to start getting easier to gain(hmmm...I wonder what 40 is going to be like)

This is where I have to talk about how with a few simple changes you really can loose weight. From 20 to 2 pounds-it can happen. In my early twenties I was 20 pounds over weight and when I started to do just two things I saw my weight finally go down. One was exercise, but wasn't cardio crazyness every day for five hours. It was walking. I started by just walking around a couple of blocks. I worked up to three miles(a brisk pace will start to come naturally) and only three times a week-simple right? The second thing I did was stop drinking soda. Soda is bad OK.

Then in my early thirties I made another change. I stopped eating so much fruit. I was a fruitaholic-you know because it is just so good and good for you. Well it has a ton of (natural) sugar and even the good stuff will turn to fat. I also stopped eating yogurt because it is chock full of the stuff. I just had maybe 1 1/2 servings a day and really saw a difference.

Now I am TRYING to do a makeover on my breakfast. I am a huge cereal lover(hello sugar-although I do eat one with low sugar it is still too much). I eat cereal every morning. Honey Bunches of Oats, with half a banana, a few tablespoons of flaxseeds and wheat germ and I am good to go. I am so sad to say that I think it is time I put the bowl down and try protein in the morning. My hope again is that cutting back on sugar will jump start a little more weight lose for me. I am also thinking(I have not committed yet) about how to change my "special treat" of the day. I always have a little something after lunch. A cookie, a handful of chocolate chips(two handfuls if it is just that kind if day) or some spicedrops. I want something sweet, but something that will satisfy my craving with half the calories and sugar BUT I'm not talking about every day, just a couple times a week because a girls GOT to have her chocolate, and I LOVE cookies and so do my kids so they CAN'T be banned from the house!!

Boy...can you tell this one is going to be tough. I guess I really feel strongly about cookies and the chips that go in them. Well, wish me luck on making my changes that you know have nothing to do with resolutions. I just happened to need some changes and it just happened to be the beginning of the year.

The following picture has nothing to do with this post. My Mom just needs to see the baby :)

oh baby!


Jenny said...

Love that picture of the boys, they are too cute! Good luck on those two pounds, I know what you mean. It seems silly but it can really get to you. I fluctuate between these two pounds and it drives me crazy. I found that Fiber One bars are a good healthy snack for my sweet craving and Fiber One yogurt is super good. You can't give up those cookies forever, hello deprivation! You'll do it, you are a beautiful woman and so what if those two pounds are hanging around for a while.

mer said...

Love that picture too!!!!!! :)

Lisa said...

2 lbs is so doable, you are there with a little more protein in the morning and a few less carbs at night. Consider it done, and so it is!

Miss seeing you and the fam this weekend!