Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life is a little more complete with bananies

I'll admit I am a bit of a blog junkie. I'm not out of control or anything. I limit my time and surf with intention, but why not when you come across things that make life better.
There is nothing like two feet of snow and frigid temps for three months straight to make a stay at home mom desperate. I understand Wisteria Lanes need for drama, because if I could create some I would. Instead life has gotten more exciting with Bananies(thanks Jamie at Our Journey).
Slice your bananas, put a smidge of peanut butter and if it's been one of those days(or mornings in this case) add a dab of Nutella(is your sweet tooth hurting a little Bec?).
Make a little sandwich and roll them in graham cracker crumbs

Enjoy! Good morning lucky boys. I was pretty sure I was going to get cheers and wet kisses over serving these for breakfast. Little did I know bananies are old news to these two. Apparently they have made them in preschool-oh bugger- I'm always the last to know. Todd missed out on these treats, I'm pretty sure he'll give me wet kisses when he tastes them.

I'm not the last to know that this baby is too much! Look at what he mastered this morning.


meri said...

Just love your blog!! Pictures of the boys are the best!!!!!!!! So adorable! Keep putting more pictures of them on please!

Love ya!

Jenny said...

Yummers, those bananas look so good. I'll be they'd taste like a candy bar if you rolled them in crushed almonds, just thinkin'. I wish Sloan was here to race Tanner up the stairs. These boys will be the death of us someday. He is super cute by the way.