Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WHY I buy my own gifts

Many years ago I went to a jewelry store with my then boyfriend, pointed to a ring, left the store and patiently awaited a proposal. Several weeks later then boyfriend took me for a walk through the rose garden of my favorite park, got down on one knee, said something to the effect of "Will you be mine forever", pulled out a box, opened it up, proceeded to slip a ring on my finger. A ring that in no way shape or form resembled the one I picked out. Now let me stop for a moment and say this. We had no money, the ring I wanted cost nearly nothing. I was NOT one of those girls-you know-like the diamond wasn't big enough or something-I was just a girl who liked a certain style.

I said Yes. Fiance marched back to the jewelry store and exchanged rings. We have lived happily ever after since. And from that moment on I have purchased my own gifts, wrapped them up, torn into them with hopeful abandoned, done the happy dance when I magically got exactly what I wanted and given my husband a hundred kisses for being so thoughtful. It works. And I am writing this post because although I do hope you have a husband who listens and plans and shops and gets you exactly what you have always wanted, chances are good you may have a husband like mine.

I once asked him what happened in the jewelry store. Was the ring gone? Was it too overwhelming? Were you drunk? He said he went in ready to get my ring and then something else caught his eye. THIS is where it goes wrong. He listened, he planned, he shopped, and then he took matters into his own hands. He thought I would like something better. He was mistaken. Do you see the break down here people.

When you have lots of money maybe being "surprised" by gifts is fine. But when you don't being "surprised" means you have to wait another year to get what you wanted. That's why I let my husband off the hook. He no longer has to carve out time in his busy day(see my angle)to wander around the mall frustrated and upset. I am the perfect personal shopper for myself and he is generous enough to give me exactly what I like. It works. You may not agree, but you might want to try it.

I just got my birthday/valentines gift in the mail. How on earth did I know to get it for me :) I'm good. It is from Arlyne at One Life Jewelry. The necklace is called "Seeds of Light" and she was more than willing to tweak her original design to hand stamp our initials in the disks. Now it is my family necklace and I adore it. I love the name too because I think of my children of seeds of God's light and I felt destined to have it after shopping nearly every website for the past six months. Go to her Etsy shop because she has beautiful creations you will love.

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Becca said...

HILARIOUS! We've told you this before...you need to write a book!