Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WHY paybacks are H E double hockey sticks

I have a not so fabulous memory from my childhood of my sisters attacking me in the back of our blue Chevrolet to snag the tooth I refused to pull myself. I remember screaming and rolling around the back, while they tried to sit on me and pry my mouth open(seat belts an option back then). I had let that tooth sway in the breeze and I didn't have an ounce of courage to yank it. They were so sick and tired of me, watching that thing dangle around probably made them nearly ill.
Flash forward 30 years and I'm getting paid back with a glorious 6 year old who's so wimpy about physical pain it is almost comedy to watch. I didn't always realize I had a special case on my hands. I thought all kids were this irrational about pain but have recently come to grips with the fact that no-it's just my kid.
It started with a trip to the hospital when he was one for a mild ear infection that you would have thought from the screams had burst both his ear drums. The ice packs and bandages for invisible scrapes. I can't even put into words the noise that comes out of him at the sight of his own blood(neighbor kids in Cincinnati are probably still having nightmares). The juice from an orange in a hang nail. The bubbly gas pain that has me thinking it is his appendix, but is just a toot that needs to come out. The tooth that is soo loose a strong wind could set it free, but instead we spend weeks agonizing over it.
Holden lost his first tooth at school. He swallowed it at lunch-just as I told him he would. I begged him(my first mistake) on the way out the door that morning to let me wiggle it out. Being forced to look at it much longer was practically making me ill. sisters might understand what I'm talking about :)
I love this crusty little morning face. Wimpy just makes him that much more mine.


Becca said... gonna have to go looking for it? Hahaha! Oh, Holden! I'm glad he finally lost it! Too cute!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the laugh, I needed it. Zoe wouldn't let us pull her first one either. You can always write the tooth fairy a letter explaining the situation. I had to do that a couple times as a teacher when kids would lose their tooth that fell out at school, you can imagine their horror!