Monday, June 21, 2010

Got Inspiration, Got energy, Got young kids, Got nothing done

Well, you may have guessed that I didn't get any projects done this weekend-not even close.  Instead Todd worked on setting up his work bench in the garage which was a good idea so we can find tools and such when we are ready to start projects.  I have my inspiration pictures, and I have bought some things to help me choose colors and get things started in the right direction.  I think it will make me feel productive if I share them with you, actually this is all for my mom and you guys are forced to be a part of it :)
I am not joking when I say this place feels like camp.  We have the forest, and sometimes the house feels like a cabin.  A good cabin, but you know the feeling at camp when the cabin is dark and cool.  That is how the upstairs feels, especially in the boys room.  The previous owners had put up wallpaper 35 years ago and I just couldn't bear to take it down-it's vintage.  The boys like it and we decided to work with it.  The wallpaper is on two walls and the other two walls at the moment are off white, they make the wallpaper look pretty drab.  Dark Blue would liven it up a lot, but darken the room even more. My solution is beadboard(who doesn't love this stuff) to help reflect some light from the two windows and add some character for my two characters.  I am giving my husband a break and not making him add the shelf part, I have a feeling that would surely put him over the edge. 
(funny side note: I was on the phone with my mom when she saw the above picture.  She thought it was the finished picture of their room...what a nut.)
The wallpaper. 

To add a airy feeling I am doing all the bedding in white.  This quilt and sham are from Target.  Loving it!

Pillow from Target.  Loving it even more!

In the bathroom I want to try board and batten like the above picture.  It looks simple enough-easy for me to say as all I will be doing is the paint.

The shower curtain.  Upper part of the walls to be painted turquoise

The rug and towels from TJ Maxx(I love that store as much as I adore Target)

Towel rack from previous house to add a vintage touch.

So that's all for now.  Tomorrow I'll show you the beast I'm going to tackle with white paint.

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Murillo Family said...

Sarah, I LOVE it all! I too love Target and TJ Maxx/ HomeGoods-they are the BEST! Logan is CRAZY for bulls/ buffalos, etc. and would probably jump right out of his skin if he got to have that wallpaper. I can't wait to see how your projects unfold, I will be checking back...