Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not really here, but I'll be back

Just a quick hello from our little house in Rocky Hill.  We are in, but things are a little nuts.  Mainly because it is summer and the kids are crazy and want to be entertained 24/7 which is making me crazy.  I do not recommend moving to a new community in the middle of summer when all the camps are full.  I feel a little crabby about it.  It has been an adjustment and although we are very happy with the house, warming up to the neighborhood, pleasantly pleased with the city, I just feel crabby.  I don't want to meet any new people yet, the kids are salivating at every child and I have no interest in throwing my self at any of these mothers.  In time, loneliness is sure to snap me out of my current mindset, but for now I am surrendering to mysour mood. 

the view from my kitchen window.  We are really starting to love the house.  It feels a little like camp.  Daddy Long Legs and all.

Sobe getting ready to enjoy an afternoon snack.

Our first friend.  He was outside our front door in the long grass.  Silly me, I thought I was doing him a favor by putting him in the pond, but he wanted nothing to do with it.  He couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I guess he is a land turtle.  Made me wonder what the heck else is in our long grass.  Not going to walk through there any time soon.

So, I'll be back in a while.  My dad arrived today to help me out with the yard and kiss on the boys.  Trying to plan my first project for this weekend.  Thinking about board and batten in the guest bath.  Check out the process here


Jenny said...

love that view! I am so jealous that a turtle came to visit you, they are my favorites! Hang in there, you will feel more at home soon and meeting people will come when it is supposed to. Glad to know you are all ok.

Kristin said...

You should totally do the board and batten! I can't wait to do some rooms.....when we finally get a new house. For now I'd LOVE to live vicariously through you :)

Lisa said...

This project offers big bang for small cents, something I know your Van Ahn man can get behind. :)

So excited to have you back even if momentarily, and can't wait until you get to posting regularly again, I have been missing you!

Becca said...

Oh...I miss you so much! You're new home looks like so much fun...it does give you the "campy feel"! I can't wait to visit! Love you!