Wednesday, June 30, 2010

only perfect in pictures

Sometimes I have issues with blogs and their (perceived)perfection.  Rarely do I see someone having a bad day and I can catch myself wondering what I'm doing wrong because life here is not perfect.  Who the heck would want to read the blog of a crazy woman overwhelmed with life, but there are moments in the day that I feel exactly that way.  Seriously not coping well.  It passes with a breath or two, but I seem to have those moments. A lot. Lately. 

This morning I woke up asking God to help me not be such a mean mom.  I feel pretty tired of yelling.  There is a certain time of day(usually around 2 pm) that I need everyone to cooperate and that is the hour everyone(not naming any names) over 5 years old can't.  The morning I took these pictures I was tired.  We visited a potential Preschool for Asher and I wanted to take the kids to a park we hadn't been yet. We rushed home, had a snack, changed clothes(this is an exhausting task), I worked really hard not to melt down like a two year old when people were looking for match box cars instead of getting on sun screen, we headed to the park.  We were there 15 minutes, I took these pictures, three seconds later everyone wanted to leave.  Are you kidding me?!  

My life, my kids, my dog, my husband, myself, so not perfect.  I hope we never give you the impression that we are.  I struggle everyday.  I succeed and fail on a moment to moment basis.  Smiling faces and juicy kisses make me stand up and keep trying to make the imperfect perfectly fine with me.

Just when I thought I had totally lost my sense of humor for the day:

It was just about bed time and Sloan was crying.  I couldn't find a binky, and he was following me screaming and whining.  I told the boys I was headed out to the car on a pacifier hunt.  Holden said "Wait, I'll get him this thing he really likes and he'll stop, I'm sure of it".  As I walked out the garage door I looked over my shoulder to see what it was Holden thought would settle him down.  He was handing his baby brother a tampon.(!!!!)


Murillo Family said...

Nobody is perfect, anyone pretending to be is crazy! Hang in there, all the changes you've had are overwhelming to say the least~not looking forward to ever moving again, but I know we will. The tampon thing cracks me up! Remember that you always have friends to chat with!!!

Kristin said...

Nobody has a perfect life with perfect kids that sit when they are asked to or behave when they are begged. You can call anytime and we can swap stories of the craziness of life. Even today I went upstairs yelling "I've had enough I am done I am going to my room for a time out"

The tampon thing made me laugh out loud-it's such a boy thing to do. It's always when I think that I can't take another moment that one of the boys will say/do something funny.

Meri said...

Too funny!!!! A tampon!!!!! Its a plug! LOL

Lindsay said...

This post is one I will read time and time again!! Thank u for posting it because I am TOTALLY not perfect! I love u and miss you! Lindsay