Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekend Review

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Despite making no advance plan, we ended up having a special weekend, thanks to some very good friends.

We headed to the Knoxville Zoo on Friday(it's actually a pretty nice little zoo).  Look at these two.  It didn't take them long to ditch their Iowa roots.  Traitors! Holden can't get enough orange"T" in his life, but we remind him all the time he is headed to U of I  at 18 NOT UT.
I painted Sloan's bedroom on Saturday.  It went from yellow to Martha Stewart's sisal and I love it.  We still have a lot of work in this room yet to do.  With a fifty year old house changing the color on the wall is only the beginning. ( Please don't pay attention to this ugly chest of drawers- it goes in the closet for storage)

On Thursday Todd realized he had a three day weekend so we high tailed it out of town on Sunday morning.  We have friends who live outside of Charlotte NC.  They are lucky enough to have a beautiful house on a lake, and were lucky that they let us invite ourselves over. We are pretty excited about living a short distance from this beautiful scenery. 
Lance-Our host with the most toys any one person could want
Holden spent the day doing this

and a lot of this. Kailey(Lance and Summer's oldest) is 6.  Holden was thrilled to have a friend.

Asher did a ton of this-we were all tired of lighting all those sparklers.  Kara who is three was a pretty good sport to hang with icky boys
And Sloan couldn't help but do this.  Hot sun and a speed boat put this baby down for a nap.

Look at Toddy surf!  Who knew he was into water sports.  Maybe a boat is in our near future? No chance...the only big purchase in our near future would be a Peterbilt.

And in case you're wondering, I worked on my tan and enjoyed getting out of town even for a mere 24 hours. One of these days I'm  going to make someone take a picture of me so I have proof I exist  and that I was actually tan :) 

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Lisa said...

Looks like fun! Glad you had some lake time too, and a day away with friends.