Thursday, July 22, 2010

I called my mom last night and she is officially the last person on earth to grill corn. Just kidding mama.  I called her because I thought I was the only person on God's green earth not grilling corn and I was so upset that no one had let me in on it's yummy goodness.  I had called to blame her, like all good daughters should, that I had been left in the dark, but it turns out she hadn't been keeping it a secret.  Thank goodness.  It is seriously a trait of the baby in the family to resent missing out on everything.  Some habits are hard to break I tell you.  Love you mom! Now go grill some corn already. 

I had never wanted to grill corn before because I thought you had to soak it first. But guess what, such a total fib. You don't have to soak it at all.
Just peel back the husks. Take off the silk, rub each ear with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.

Wrap the husks back up the ear, tie with cooking twine

Grill on medium/highish direct heat for about 15 minutes(make that 17 to be safe).  The husks get all charred and shrink up and you think you've ruined it, but inside the corn is perfect.  Kinda smokey tasting.  A delicious alternative to the usual corn on the cob.


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Jenny said...

Holy yum. I haven't grilled it myself either. But every chance I get I have some at all the summer festivals.