Thursday, July 8, 2010


On the way back  form NC this past weekend I was curious what it would feel like getting back to Knoxville.  Would it feel good to be back? As we drove up the street to our house everyone was silent.  I believe waiting for the same feeling I was.  Waiting for it to feel like home.  Asher broke the silence and I think summed up what we were all thinking.  "I never wanted to buy this house you know!" Yes, we know.

Todd played this song for me and it has just torn me up.  Listening to it has made me happy, sad, joyful, reflective.  It has made me think of all that makes home for me.  My mother's touch, my sister's voice on the phone, my father's music, my husband's smile, my best friends hug, a familiar street, heavy summer air. 

Our house in Knoxville, not quite home.   My families laughter inside that house, right now, is all the home I need. 

(This song also brings me to a funny little place in my past.  It reminds me a friend in high school, she made such a good little hippie.  I didn't.  Thinking about you Steph...)

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