Monday, July 26, 2010

I can be lazy...with very little patience...

A long story made short:

Had ugly table.
Needed quick fix.
 Hate sanding.
Cannot embrace primer.
Only like to paint.
Saw Caromal Colours on ASPL.
Knew this product was for me.
Bought it.
Used it.
Love it.

 Order Caromal Colours here.  I used the color parchment.  They have many more colors to choose from.

The ugly table(top) with the leaf that didn't match.
No sanding.
No primer.
In the instructions they tell you if it's not fun you are trying to hard. It is true. Just slap it on. Be fearless.

The paint is thick, it covers really well but you have to put a little ity bit of muscle into it.  You can't mess it up. Sand some edges for a more "worn" look.
Use just a bit of finesse with the Toner.  This is the point when you see the real beauty in this product.  The paint comes to life.
Ta Da! The easiest furniture paint project I have ever done.  Thank you Caromal Colours!

The end.


Jenny said...

Wow. I need that stuff. I have taught the kids how to sand because I hate it so much, they think I love it so of course they want to do it like mad. The table looks great.

Becca said...

Looks great as usual Sarah! Cannot wait to see you! Maybe I'll put you to work painting some stuff at my house... LOL!

Murillo Family said...

WOW! I love it, can't believe it is that easy. Hope you are a happy mommy these days!!

fabulousfinishes said...

Your table turned out fabulous - may I share it on my blog? I show alot of before and afters, and readers find them very helpful. I love Kimba's blog - I'm the one that sent her the products to use the first time! If you use my coupon code PattyH when you order, and you'll save a few bucks in shipping. Patty