Monday, July 19, 2010

When your husband buys one of these for weekly maintenance of your yard, you know you don't live in Iowa anymore.
When this guy shows up in your back yard with 3 packs of smokes and a
case of Mellow Yellow you know where you've arrived.

That's when you stop watching and start some busy work like this. 

Wow, that looks messy huh?

That looks cute.

That looks like a lot of firewood. (and one very tired husband)

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Jenny said...

Tanner puts his weed eater right next to Paul's I have the same picture, well sort of. The guy with the smokes and pop sounds kind of scary, glad you could find something to do. Tearing down wallpaper is quite a chore, I'll bet you were just as tired as Todd. What a fun yard for your boys to climb around in. My monkeys would be so jealous.