Friday, July 16, 2010

Craigs List, A Happy Dance, A Question, And Grammy

We are back from Cincinnati and we had a really nice time.  Although visiting Ikea was great, I was lucky enough to visit with some old friends which made the trip a lot of fun.  We had a mini playgroup reunion with Kristin and Jenny.  I have been able to keep in touch with them through the years with  our blogs, but seeing them in person was special.  I really enjoyed seeing their kiddos and just hanging out.  We were also fortunate enough to see our BELOVED Cincy neighbors Tina and Madison.  Madison was Holden's most favorite person in the whole world for all three years that we lived there.  Madison, who was 9 or 10 when we moved in was the greatest sport when it came to playing.  Those two shared the same zest for life, and love of animals.  It was soo much fun to reunite the boys with her.  Asher has now claimed her for his own.  He said she is his new favorite friend :) Thank you Jenny, Kristin, Tina and Madison for taking time out of your day to visit with us!

Ok, on to Craig's List.  I love, love, love Craig's List.  Is there anyone with me on that?  I know! I had refinished(well more like rehabed) our kitchen table(which is now our dining room table) a couple of weeks ago(I'll post that process next week), and had been scouring sales for two parsons chairs.  Guess where I found two, brand new, for less than the price of one in the stores? Yea Craig's List and everyone on it! 

Two brand new chairs(still in the box) for 80$.  When I was looking I didn't really care what the fabric was because I knew I would put a slip cover on them, but I think I was lucky to get such a nice neutral fabric.

Now Ikea was fun in Cincinnati, but I was doing the crazy looking happy dance when I passed the Ballard Design clearance store.  I had just been on their website earlier in the week drooling over slipcovers and I almost peed-me-pants when I looked in the window and they had EXACTLY what I wanted for a SUPER low price(do you sense my excitement people)!

I am pleased as puncharoo with how they look.  I can feel a slipcover addiction taking over my body.  I will be stalking the Ballard website for sales on more of these little cuties. 

So now on to my question. This is a pretty crappy picture, but I was in a hurry-pardon moi(Holden's new favorite "line". I think I have Alvin and the Chipmunks to thank for that).
What do you think of my drapes with the slipcover? Yes mom this question is for you. Maybe you can't even see them together.  Jeez, what a crappy picture.

Initially I wasn't sure, but then the look grew on me.  When I look at magazines I always admire when people mix prints. Is that what I am doing here or does it just look crazy stupid?
I switched drapes to see if I liked the family room drapes more.  The drapes are a very neutral ticking fabric that I thought looked ok, but less of a statement I think(?) I'm telling y'all this is when pulling a room together should be left to the professionals (I'm just kidding about the y'all part, I haven't heard that once here). So tell me what you think.

*disregard the chandelier.  It needed to come down like yesterday*

Totally off the subject, but important to share.  Todd's mom came to Knoxville last week and we had a fabulous time.  She is going to kill me for putting this picture up because she had just taken the boys on a Jurassic Dinosaur ride and her hair got a little wet.  I know I'm not getting daughter-in-law of the year for this, but I thought it was a fun picture.The boys loved it and Grammy was a good sport for taking them on it because I would have kept driving if it were me :)

Here's a better picture of Jackie(prior to the water spitting dino).  She is a lot of fun to have around, and always so very nice about telling me how wonderful I am AND she cooks when she comes! We miss you Grammy, but we can't wait to see you in a few weeks.


Becca said...

I think I like the two patterns together. But, now I need to know what your Mom thinks... :). It's all looking good...coming together. I'm gald that you were able to find just what you wanted on Craig's list and at Ballard...want to send me a bit of your luck?

Jenny said...

I love the two patterns together. I am so stinkin' jealous of your finds. Grr! Actually I am glad for you. They look great. And let me just say those water park pictures are so cute. The story about the TP about made me wet my pants. OMG, seriously. It was so great to see you. I so wish you lived here. Those boys of yours break my heart. So adorable. Keep on bloggin momma, I love it and perfection is overrated.

Lisa said...

Jackie looks great wet hair or not! (now do I get daughter-in-law of the year for writing that?) :)

You are so incredibly talented with the decor thing, and I LOVED the prints mixed, you are right more of a statement. Perhaps don't listen to me though since I kind of like the chandelier. I am also thinking that your house already looks like it belongs in a magazine pic and wondering how ON EARTH you do that with 3 boys!