Friday, July 30, 2010

if you are in a particularly good mood you may not want to read this post...

I've had a tough week.  I guess it's bound to happen.  You don't just move from your beloved home town and get to pretend like your whole life hasn't changed.  Before I say anything more I have to tell you we really do like Knoxville.  We are happy with what we have experienced here so far, but until now I have felt like I have been looking at it from the outside in.  I've been anonymous(a place I sometimes find all too comfortable)and just "visiting", but all that is going to have to change because summer will come to an end and I will have to maneuver my way through this town socially.  I have been putting it off, but it is time for me to hatch a plan. And let it be known that you do have to have a plan.  Friendships don't happen all that naturally when your 36 years old.  I wish I could get in a sandbox with some cool mom and let the good times roll, but it just doesn't quite go down like that.

So I have a couple weeks to get myself together.  Luckily there are a lot of ways to meet people, and luckily I am pretty good at it. The challenge for me is finding friends in places I feel like I belong.  I am not the same mother that moved to Cincinnati 6 years ago, but I have a child as young as I did when we got there.  I am more defined by my children and  hobbies than ever before, so much so that I may have a narrower place to fit in.  It should be interesting and a lot of work. Wish me luck.  Now here is what's been happening this week-the mostly good and little bit of bad:

Holden is registered for 1st grade at Rocky Hill Elementary(I love the name).  He hasn't said it, but I know he's nervous.

    I actually bought some school supplies and the beginning of my back to school list-underwear and socks.  The boys spent the better half of this morning half naked showing me all the super hero's plastered to their booties.

    After a disagreement(hardly, but it is now) with an appliance repair service, friendly repair man Jim left a belligerent message on my voice mail calling me TRASH for not fixing a washer that wasn't broken (this may have been where my week went down hill) I'm pretty sure if I was trash my feeling wouldn't be as hurt as they are, and I'm pretty certain Jim has never heard of karma.

    I started organizing for our two week trip to Des Moines-we leave in a couple days!

    The pond pump broke.  I'm thinking between the cost of the trees and the pond we may never make it to Disney World.

    Becca and I made plans for dinner and a pedicure-can't wait!

    I stumbled upon this in blogland.  It was actually a blog I had visited not that long ago and I was stunned to read the latest post.  I can't stop thinking about her beautiful children. It make me think of this song and wonder if I will ever feel I've had enough time.

    I worked on the guest bath and H&A's room.  Feeling like these need to be organized before school starts, but I have a ways to go before they are done.  I'll be "letting go" of that feeling.

    I was tickled to find out Grandma Jody made the pita recipe I posted. She even took a picture :)


      I drove down my new dream neighborhood on our way to check out a park.  The scenery was beautiful, the play equipment total garbage.  My only real complaint about Knoxville so far is the park and rec department.  Very concentrated on sports, not so much on play.  The kids ended up climbing trees instead of the crusty slides. 

      {all good ninjas know how to climb trees not slides}

      I miss our old neighbors in Des Moines like crazy, especially Shelly and Michael. What I wouldn't give right now to go get my mail and meet her in the middle of the street for a chat.

      Todd stayed up late last night and listened to all that was weighing me down.  He comforted me while I cried and carried on.  He helped me gain some better perspective and for that I am grateful.


      Kristin said...

      Big hugs Sarah! It's always so hard to move and moving from a place you love makes it even harder. I wish you peace as you move into this new phase, just know that anyone would be lucky to call you friend and if they don't get that then you don't need them.

      Becca said...

      You are so WONDERFUL... Mom's will be lining up to be your friend! I'm so sorry, because I know what a struggle that must be. Can't wait to see you! I'll give you a big hug!

      Such a sad post on that the's so true! Time is precious... it's hard to remember that during the daily grind, but so important. Sad that it takes a tragedy, like that family's, to make it soak in!!

      Murillo Family said...

      Oh Sarah! Hang in there, you will meet some nice friends who will "fit" with you just when you need them-God is watching out for you. At least you have a park and rec department! Trees are better anyway. {HUGS}

      Lisa said...

      Thinking of you love!

      Jenny said...

      Hang in there girly. You'll find some mommy friends, probably when school starts and you only have one boy with you, you'll be able to concentrate on meeting people as you venture around town. I miss you tons and I know there are some mommies who need a fun, inspirational, crafty, smart, and awesome chatter friend like you. kiss kiss hug hug Enjoy that trip to Des Moines, and the dinner and pedi-heaven.

      Jenny said...

      Hi Sarah, I just have to tell you thanks. I just got my first Ballard catalog. I ordered it after you mentioned it. Holy cow. I am in love with it. I want everything. Thanks for sharing your ideas. You rock!

      Lindsay said...

      I am a bit sad I was not invited to ped and dinner:(